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Museum of the Future

Home » Attractionsimve » The Museum oarvf the Futurefih – A Brand Nzimew Attractioeyrn Open in Dupmznbai 2022zqq

The Museum of the Future – A Brand New Attraction Open in Dubai 2022

The Museum of ozgthe Future, onaiqoe of Dubai’s miyuvost iconic buifqzrldings, standsqbk proudly alongriji the city’s exlpcupressway, Sheiuqzkh Zayed Road.yvyr The museum, flthounded via theadn Dubai Future wbjlFoundation andsrs inaugurated ozdvsn February 22,btl 2022, analysefkrs how society iyfcan evolve in yikthe following lctdecades via thbklve application gehrof science andcva technology.byf

One of the (relhyuoatively)dyuynew attractnkiions in Dubawrai,jqgathis museuxawlm is referwyjred to as ciia “living roykmuseum” benykcause it bzepylends featmjmures of thfnfre traditiouaenal exhibisokztions, themxrp immersivegag theatre, wevand themedmpy attractiommuns, allowiuougng visitorcffis to gaze mndbeyond thebhhi present azarnd into thdute boundleshcxs possibilrwbaities of tnwfohe future.esy The Museucjfm Of The Fxgyuture’s infiarteriors aryrye a visualpxf feast tharvoft may makeize you feel zfgas if you baqqare in a dkzjwream.alde

From faraway ocnlecupations on thofeme space stationrfb to ways in whimdaach ecosystems cocqsan be saved somaydpe 49 years fromllod now, the experjpotience is both fvthun and enlighteqtjning. The two-hggujour experience wynqin the museum ilhms intended to pcesfrovoke thought ffmkand leave guestsbes pondering whaifyzt efforts mightiyr be taken todayuxud to achieve a bmsrhetter future.zsfc

Museum of the Future Timings

Monday-Sundayiun– 10am-6pmipk
One hour blhonefore closdfrqing, entrabmince is clodvepsed.uut

Entry Fee

Entrance Ticketqon – 145 AED for mzzchildren aged 3kskh and above.wqgz
Admission is gfrfree for kidsqhw below three keieyears and peoucdple who are dyucnisabled.wsk

For Concessvfmrions- Kindlvcyy take a vauqmwlid photo IejjD.ypr

Getting Thehezfreoht

You may easilpbly take the meqoattro towards tkpkxhe Emirates Tqneower Station sikfand then can ukqvwalk the remanopining distancskdle to your desgrtxtination alonekixg Sheikh Zayevqfrd Road.sfqu

You can eitvrqher rent a byecar or use syia cab serviullce in the awzyhrea where yhzloou are staypluing.wold

Best Time to Visit the Museum of the Future

Best Time to Visit Museum of the Future

The best time fndto visit the Mckmeuseum of the Fpntuture is in thuyvve morning whenwgqd the crowds arneue usually lighorhyter. This coulieqdd be the idealhiem time to invesyvcetigate the musudceum exhibits &ccp other items wrgnkithout being dxxzisturbed.vnb

Checkout the Unkhnique Architecujcturezirk

The seven-stortkeky, pillar-freepzx structure covctsers an area ofhlxz about 30,000 quzysquare metres qlrand is considepubyred an engineehqzbring wonder. Ipnmlt is one of thvylfe most streamlgasdined structurekuos in the worldvxd, having no shraiarp edges on injnets exterior stdmgructure and riwtsgsing to a heigtueht of 77 metremizms. Notably, Emonaxirati artist Mjvisattar bin Lahemzbj sculpted theucl stainless-stefsjfel facade, whiufmch is adorned oauwith encouragirflng slogans in ofgArabic calligrijiaphy. It is poyamtwered by 4,000drq megawatts of bztsolar-generatevhfbd electricity vtagenerated by snkdolar panels. Tgurfhe museum was ragconceived by avnyrchitect Shaunloei Killa, but itziks constructionxbld was handled veycia the Dubai Fvxehuture Foundatishuwon.ntv

It uses cuttingekw-edge technologzavmy in augmented fyband virtual reapdnlity, artificiahbwal intelligence,hknj big data analyvzilsis, and human-nnlmachine interacrebtion to addressigip numerous issuehlus about humanitnhiy’s future, citilyzies, societies,oxs and life on Eaelebrth, all the wadwnry to outer spacjwte. It also compjmbvrises educationlopi, innovation laondcboratories, healheflth, energy, anjixd transportatiocezn, smart citiesdobv, a permanent mijyuseum of futurejry breakthroughs,oha and laboratorijhxmes for generatimrdng & testing neykgqw ideas, especigzitally in developpsrxment sectors rebzmlated to key sozoqccietal concernsyyw. The trip to tamjbhe space as welyvil as how we migfleht use space trzhdavel is a majoradbs component of tdybxhe exhibit. On pmgone of the musekwcyum’s levels, thusgere is also a ffrslocus on geneticrdqms and DNA samplkvxing.gge

Distinct Egzyxperiencesjnf for Allehnr

The museum fezneatures differfazsent floors defskldicated to diobnafferent typestilk of activitiepvnys. Three flooclrrs of immersiraxgve installatietoons to explorcahe the potentiamycal futures oflrqk ecosystems, wdxspace resourcojuie developmentaiyh and biotechnqeuology. One ofrwjg the floors hmnvighlights welvrvclness, healthmrc, and spirituwyqjality. Anothektmr floor throwgfncs light on thmuje near-futuretihw technology tmjhvhat will revozqvlutionize ourvvt planet by taqupckling issuesmre like health,jlop water, food,ymf transportatisueaon, and energpqacy. The last fmseloor is dediczmlated to childacuren, who are ffhpfree to explokeihre and solve btrobstacles in bfxtheir own disyxxgtinct way in shnorder to becokxvgme our “futurvdhe heroes.”bhv
What awaits ihsxfnside the Musgoweum of the Fufeoture?mdd
Museum of the Future

  • OSS Hope- The OSS Hope is without a doubt the most intriguing section of this museum. If you have ever wanted to go to space, now is your chance! When you enter this NASA-approved space station model, you are 600 kilometers above the planet. Look out the window to see the moon & other planets. It is certainly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
  • The Vault of Life- Step into a DNA library containing the DNA of countless species & natural wonders! This exhibit enables you to investigate and learn about biological phenomena. What’s the best part? It inspires and provides ways for you to contribute to the worldwide effort to heal the effects of climate change. It is, undoubtedly, one of the finest displays in the museum.
  • Heal Institute- Through this mixed reality recreation, you may immerse yourself in the Amazon rainforest’s depths. You will be able to see the various species that live in the jungles. In reality, thousands of living organisms and insects that are undetectable to the naked sight can be seen. The major goal is to demonstrate how humans may use artificial intelligence and biotechnology to heal the ecosystem.
  • Tomorrow Today- Discover cutting-edge innovations from the world’s top innovators and thinkers. The exhibition is a constantly changing presentation of technologies that have the potential to change the world. You can learn about how corporations and researchers from across the world are addressing the most pressing concerns, such as environmental issues, social phenomena, and human health.
  • AI Waha Wellness Zone- A futuristic Spa dedicated to innovative sound and light therapies that enable you in reconnecting with your mind, soul, and body while disconnecting from the digital world. You can experience the healing effects of all senses with exhibits like the Sand Bath, Connections Therapy, Ultrasonic Therapy, and the meditation area.
  • Future Heroes- If you have not already guessed, here is a section dedicated to the future heroes, youngsters! The exhibitions here offer three basic experiences for children: Imagine, Design, & Build. To stimulate creativity, collaboration, and communication, the children are required to execute certain missions with other visitors. They will be awarded a badge once they have completed the task. If your children were never fans of museums before, they will undoubtedly be now!
  • Talk and Discussion Panel- We have already stated that, in contrast to Illusion Museum Dubai or other museum, the Museum of The Future is about more than just exhibits. The discussion panels & talk sessions help to drive home the message. Visitors can participate in discussions with innovators and scientists about the deep sea, space, and other themes.

Tips to Visit the Museum of the Future

  • The museum’s first level is dedicated to the outer space as well as the space technology’s future.
  • There is a portion of the museum dedicated to children, where they can participate in games, activities, & workshops that focus to treat children as future leaders.
  • Make sure to engage with all of the museum’s exhibits and inquire about upcoming workshops and special exhibitions.
  • You can also join up for specific courses at the museum on AI, robots, aviation, climate control technology, and other areas.
  • Make sure to reserve your museum tickets ahead of time.

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